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Northlands Writing Contest Winner

We are happy to announce a winner for our recent writing contest! Saphire A. Tucker-McCartney! The prompt was How do you overcome the challenges we are facing today? Saphire’s personal essay offers great insight into her frustrations with racism.  She shares her story...

Northlands Student Life: Quarantine Style

As you can see from the pictures the students who are on Center since either the start of “Spring Break” or after Covid-19 testing and two weeks of quarantine are quite active. The “new normal” is for any activity that puts you in close proximity to another (less than...

Learning & Getting Paid: WIN WIN!

CONGRATULATION CARLOS LOPEZ, BRICK MASONRY ...for your paid WORK BASED LEARNING ROLE AT D&D MASONRY & CHIMNEY, CHICOPEE MA. Says Carlos: “I’m happy to have the experience out in the field. It’s a great opportunity.  I give credit to Mr. Marion for preparing me...

Job Corps’ Utah ‘Cool School’

The Clearfield Job Corps Center in Clearfield, Utah, was selected as the "Cool School of The Week" by local television channel Fox-13. The TV station's morning show featured the school in eight segments and highlighted the school's cooking, welding, electrical and...

Dancing Stars at Springdale Job Corps

The event was a fundraiser for student government association at Springdale, and students and staff alike were encouraged to purchase tickets for $1 to vote on their favorite. Each student was issued one free ticket for voting.
Students and staff eagerly await the results to be tallied, as the judges input as well as the students votes will be compiled and announced on Monday, April 30th at the weekly meeting for all staff and students at Springdale.
Despite the competition, all students and staff had a blast – and it showed. Between the sparkles, the smiles, the makeup, and shockingly, a little bit of Copacabana, the contestants showed the crowd they had what it takes to go that extra mile.

Springdale Job Corps is Number 1

They’re No. 1 Springdale Job Corps Center earns top marks for 2010-11 By Rob Cullivan The Gresham Outlook, Aug 6, 2011 Jim Clark / The Outlook Shayne Sellers makes fruit pastries as part of the culinary program at the Springdale Job Corps. In the auto shop, Patrick...