Paw Law Eh Graduates from Pine Ridge Job Corps with Honors
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Paw Law Eh Graduates from Pine Ridge Job Corps with Honors

Paw Law Eh came to Pine Ridge Job Corps two years ago.  She graduated in January to begin work as a Certified Nursing Assistant/Medical Aide.  Paw Law entered the program speaking virtually no English and recently obtained her High School Diploma.  She was selected as the Outstanding Education Student of the Year of 2010.  Paw Law Eh studied day and night to learn how to read and write English.  She said, “I learned English through classes, the Internet, and by visiting with my friends.” Her work ethic was incredible.  Not only  did she excel in school, but was constantly involved in all facets of the program.  She was active in the Center’s leadership program and was an avid representative of Green Club.  Paw Law came to the United States from an area between Thailand and Burma and spoke the Koran language.  Her parents still live in Burma.  Paw Law will reside in Omaha, Nebraska and plans to continue her education after working for a while.   Paw Law Eh would like to express her thanks for all the encouragement and assistance she received while attending Pine Ridge Job Corps.  She said she is ready to meet new challenges to expand her education.

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