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Grafton holds Men’s Conference

Grafton held its First Annual Men's Conference on Wednesday, August 24th .  Professionals from varied disciplines presented to Grafton's male student population throughout the day.  Student leaders helped to coordinate this very successful conference. Speakers...

Senator Warren Speaks at Clark University

Grafton Job Corps Peer Leadership Coordinator Michelle Cook, and two students Laronta Black and Jacqueline Campos Avalos attended the presentation put on by Senator Elizabeth Warren at Clark University in Worcester, MA.  The Senator discussed the Middle Class and how...

Grafton Job Corps Police-Community Partnership

On Tuesday, August 2nd, the Grafton Police Department hosted its 11th annual "National Night Out Block Party."  The event was held adjacent to the Grafton Police Station from 5-8 pm.  Residents throughout Grafton joined forces with thousands of communities nationwide...

Grafton Job Corps Spirit of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Grafton Job Corps students and staff held a Food Drive competition to benefit the Mustard Seed Food Pantry. A total of 686 cans were collected! The Mustard Seed was AMAZED at how much canned food the Center collected for them. Michael...

The 4-1-1 on the 9-1-1at Grafton Job Corps

During Grafton Job Corps' May open house, EMT students showed off their life-saving skills in a mock disaster drill. We need help…I said S-T-A-T…know what I’m sayin’?” No sooner said than done, and there were EMS (Emergency Medical Services) students everywhere,...

Culinary Students Get a Taste of Magic at SNHU

Southern New Hampshire University’s motto may be “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”. But for Grafton Culinary Arts students Amanda Goergen, Alexis Cohen and Alana English , the butcher’s knife and a whisk beat out the sword during a recent field trip to visit Southern New Hampshire University’s Culinary Open House on April 6th, 2012,
Grafton’s “Lady Chefs” were greeted by Instructor Chef Ryll and his “Penmen” Culinary Students. Our students were treated to a day of information, demonstration and student testimonials. Our girls got a true experience of what the day in the life of a typical SNHU undergrad was like. Tour guides spoke of their lecture classes, laboratories, business management classes, public speaking and cooperative extension assignments that take place with renowned mentors in Bakeries and Restaurants from around the United States.
Highlights of the day were an exceptional fine dining buffet lunch at The Quill, the upscale campus bistro, prepared by SNUH Culinary students and a following campus wide tour of SNHU’s facilities in Manchester, NH. Lead instructor, Chef Ryll demonstrated his teaching and cooking skills searing monk fish and lobster, topped with boullabaisse sauce, while discussing cooking safe, presentation tips and use of an exotic spice called Saffron used in his dish. Our “Gourmet Girls” were also treated to a a lab walk through during the campus tour, the girls were amazed by a full-scale reproduction of the children’s story book Rainbow Fish made completely out of multi-colored moldable chocolate!
Our girls were truly inspired by this college visit. Alexis Cohen stated, “My mind is like an orchestra, without a conductor…” Perhaps Alexis will be inspired to make attending SNHU’s culinary program her reality. Our girls were also fully informed of the challenges and dedication it takes to become a SNHU culinary graduate. For Alana English, the highlight of the day was seeing exactly what a freshman and sophomore academic schedule looks like and hearing about the classes. For her, the path to success as an SNHU Culinary graduate, is believable.
An amazing day was had by all. Our hostess noticed that Amanda Goergin was disappointed at having missed the last piece of chocolate silk pie during lunch. She disappeared but returned shortly with a piece of pie, saying with confidence, “We work Miracles at SNHU!” Here’s to believing that Grafton Job Corps Culinary Arts graduated will someday make a little of their own magic at SNHU.