Community Engagement Program Report

The NJCA Community Engagement Program is designed to help Job Corps campus staff stay connected to their elected officials, local media, alumni, and employers. Each of the quarterly activities will help campuses showcase success stories and create additional levels of support within their communities. Ultimately, participants in the Community Engagement Program will help to ensure that Job Corps remains a strong and vibrant partner to students, employers, and policymakers.

Job Corp News

Over its 50-year history, Job Corps has earned its reputation as the nation’s premier workforce training program for young adults. Numerous longitudinal studies have demonstrated Job Corps to be a cost-effective investment. In a review of several comparable youth programs, Job Corps was found to have the greatest impact on participants’ educational achievement and earnings.

By consistently responding to employers’ demands and the nation’s workforce demands, Job Corps has successfully met those needs. In recent program years, 80 percent of all Job Corps graduates got jobs, enlisted in the military, or enrolled in higher education, making Job Corps one of the nation’s most successful job training programs in the nation.

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