Building Support for Job Corps

The Star Program is the foundation for the National Job Corps Association’s (NJCA) grassroots network and for building support for Job Corps among policymakers and community members. The outreach conducted through the Star program is critical to the NJCA’s efforts to secure funding for Job Corps and to promoting the program’s expansion. The NJCA Star program provides a vehicle for calling Job Corps centers to action around a single message and unifying their efforts across the nation. The information the NJCA gathers through the Star Program is used to support the NJCA’s education and outreach efforts on Capitol Hill.

Star Program Activities

The Star Program activities are designed to reflect typical center outreach activities and provide a means to recognize Job Corps centers’ efforts. It is important to note that the Star Program cannot account for all the needs of each individual center so don’t limit yourself to doing only the activities listed in the Star Program. Each center has different needs, strengths and opportunities. This program is designed to facilitate the essential or core outreach efforts of centers and it is encouraged and anticipated that centers will have other additional projects and initiatives of their own.