Wind River Women (in History and at Job Corps) Program Picked up by Media
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Wind River Women (in History and at Job Corps) Program Picked up by Media

Wind River Job Corps continues to add to the Women in History effort (see previous post). The project started with posters that tell the story of 2 women – one from history or national acclaim, and one from the student body of Wyoming’s Job Corp.

Two local media sources have since picked up on the project., and digital news site with social media duplication is running these dual stories daily throughout the month. Similarly, the Riverton Chamber of Commerce, rich in WBL opportunities, is email blasting to their membership.

On-campus, both the cafeteria and rec center have constructed “women’s walls” where students can find all of the stories in one place. Other areas – trades, wellness, dorms, etc. have scattered them.

The poster stories can also be found on the MikeRoweWorks Facebook page, focused on promoting vocational education nationally.

Photo of Maya Angelou with story, plus student story

Photo of Marilyn Monroe with story, along with student storyPhoto of Elouise Cobell with story, plus student storyPicture and story of Sacajawea plus student story

Students and staff nominated the women that inspire them. Thus far, stories commemorate Shoshone Sacajawea, Michelle Obama, Wyoming suffragist Esther Hobart Morris, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Scottish missionary to Nigeria Mary Slosser, famed Tejano singer/songwriter Selena Quintanilla, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, Maya Angelou, Elouise Cobell, Rosa Parks, Jane Austen, Susan LaFlesche Picotte, Harriet Tubman and Marilyn Monroe, with more yet to come. These stories focus on the achievements each woman made in blazing the leadership trail for women of the future.

Nominating students receive a custom coin commemorating Louisa Swain, the first woman to in the nation to vote in a U.S. election (Wyoming passed women’s voting rights in 1869, 50 years before the nation). The coin was developed by the State of Wyoming in celebration of 150 years of women’s legal rights.

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