Wind River Job Corps Students Contribute Video Expertise
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Wind River Job Corps Students Contribute Video Expertise

Students coming to Job Corps bring their own baggage, as well as their unique talents and skill sets acquired over the years. This was very fortunate for the team at Wind River Job Corps in Riverton, Wyoming as we struggled to produce a video profile worthy of the student that was being featured, Jamielynn Mazurek.

Jamielynn is a terrific student, leader and mentor who was recently chosen as one of six students to represent all Job Corps students at the International Home Builder’s Show. We really wanted to do her as proudly as she has done us.

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Schroeder and Tucker Hansen, both electrical trade students, we were able to produce a high quality video using a combination of professional talent and equipment.

Tim is the video expert, while Tucker has a theater degree. Both believe their careers will be enhanced, and more secure,  by adding electrical expertise to their repertoire.

The end result is the profile of a terrific student produced by other great students, and with additional support from other tradesmates.

Photos of student videographers taping video profile of Jamielynn Mazurek.

Student video experts Tim Schroeder and Tucker Hansen solicit help of BCT students in the making of a video profile about Jamielynn Mazurek.

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