Whitney M. Young Job Corps center is pressing forward to support Green initiative efforts.

Whitney M. Young Job Corps center is pressing forward to support Green initiative efforts.

Simpsonville, KY – The students and staff at the Whitney M. Young Job Corps center is pressing forward to support Green initiative efforts. The center have learned that a green job is any job that helps put America on the path to a cleaner, more energy-efficient future. Green jobs are on the rise in the United States, and so are green training opportunities at Job Corps. Job Corps currently offers three different training career pathways with a green focus-Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive and Machine Repair, and Construction.

In the construction trades, the Whitney M. Young Job Corps students have the opportunity to receive hands-on green training in the career technical trade of their choice. At the Whitney M. Young Job Corps center, the construction cluster consists of the following trades: Welding, Facility Maintenance, Cement, Brick and Carpentry. The Whitney M. Young Job Corps center construction trade cluster have implemented multiple of green concepts and initiatives such as;
 Carpentry students have installed weather stripping on all center exterior door bottoms. Upgraded insulation in several areas, Energy efficient framing techniques, Use of resource efficient materials, Insulation techniques wall-ceiling-foundation, Control pollutants used in buildings Use low-voc materials, and utilized solar technology.
 Facilities Maintenance students have installed the flush-less urinals, and doing the routine maintenance/treatment. Switching all fluorescent lighting to the T-8 tubes and ballasts, as the opportunity arises. Begun installation of auto-sensors for lighting where applicable. Installed 5 auto-sensors on several toilet flush-valves, and this will continue until we have changed all toilets/urinals. They are waiting on special water-lines, and installing auto-faucets in the heavy traffic bathrooms (recreation, academics, and cafeteria.) They have also installed the auto-faucets in other areas, as the opportunity arises.
 Facilities Maintenance next project will be installing of solar lighting on center gazebos.
 Welding students are putting up a fence for a butterfly park in the center grass area between Berea, academics, wellness building and in Building 8. It will have natural growing flowers, trees, bushes and shrubs from the Kentucky country side and should attract butterflies, birds and some other wild life. It will also have a walking path through the park for the students and staff to enjoy.
 Brick students have installed a new mock up in the brick shop to teach installation of pervious paving systems. They have demoed and installed block in chases for waterless urinals.

Some of the other green initiative projects that are implemented center-wide are: recycling of plastic and paper, center cardboard and metal waste are recycled, Energy Audits have been conducted by U of L Speed School, Equine Club garden, and partnering with local community businesses for green project initiatives. We are extremely proud that our staff and students are making a difference that supports a cleaner environment and we foresee many more green efforts being implemented in the near future. The Whitney M. Young Job Corps center is introducing environmental awareness and green building, alternative materials, treatment of hand tools and equipment for sustainability and installation of water-and energy-efficient equipment and fixtures.

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