The Whitney Young Job Corps Center and Belflex Staffing are partnering to benefit Faurecia
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The Whitney Young Job Corps Center and Belflex Staffing are partnering to benefit Faurecia

Whitney Young Job Corps created an opportunity for 3 gentlemen to start the year with a very promising future. Conner Cole and Johnathan Rivard have completed approximately 90% of their welding trade and are eligible to participate in the Work Base Learning program. Work Base Learning (WBL) provides students real hands on experience while they are still in their welding trade and saving a minimum of 80% of their salary. This is a wonderful partnership for both Belflex Staffing and Whitney Young Job Corps that started in 2017. Student, Davon Coleman, was one of the first WBL students to participate with Belflex Staffing at Faurecia and he was highly regarded as a great employee. Davon departed January 2nd, to attend welding advanced training in Excelsior Springs, Missouri with a nice savings for his future.
Conner and Johnathan work the second shift working from from 6PM to 4:30AM 4 days a week with plenty of overtime opportunities. They are able to still have training on Mondays with their welding class, but Tuesday – Friday is a different story. While most of the students are sleeping they are making automotive seats for Faurecia, demonstrating several soft skills as well as skills from their welding trade. Many employers are looking for employees who can come to work on time and perform great quality of work and Conner and Johnathan are doing just that. This is only their third week on the job, and they are full of smiles knowing that they have the opportunity to work fulltime with great benefits once they become part of the union. Work Base Learning is an eleven week program, after 11 weeks, students will decide to either continue working full-time and secure a place to live or continue with other career avenues such as advance training.
Conner said “At first it was kind of tough, now its ok just had to get used to it.” Part of the WBL agreement is students save 80% of their salary for after they leave the Whitney Young Job Corps program. This savings adds up and will help students with securing an apartment, vehicle and other requirements for independent living.

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