The Military is welcomed at Whitney Young Job Corps
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The Military is welcomed at Whitney Young Job Corps

The Whitney Young Job Corp Center has been visited by several arm forces of the Military over the past week. Starting with the Coast Guard, Marines, Army and United States Air Force each had the opportunity to speak and share career outlook with Whitney Young Job Corps students. Emmanuel Atilano, recruiter with the Coast Guard, said he had more students talking to him from Whitney than from other places he had been and thoroughly enjoyed his experience.
After students graduate from the Whitney Young Job Corps Center, they are encouraged to take the next career path of either joining the military, attend advance training within Job Corps, gain employment in career trade or enroll in college. Being that college can be very expensive, many students were excited to learn more about the military and the opportunity to continue training and building a career. Pursuing a career in the military is a natural fit for many students from Whitney Young Job Corps, because they are accustomed to a structured environment and have developed good habits that will keep them on the right track.
SSGY Anthony Casias, marine recruiter, who is only 27 years old stated joining the Marines was the best decision for him. He is now able to take care of his family while continuing his training and is given the opportunity to travel and serve his country. After talking with the various recruiters, students had a lot to ponder regarding their future after Whitney Young Job Corps.

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