Beating the heat: Whitney M. Young staff serve up popsicles
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Beating the heat: Whitney M. Young staff serve up popsicles

It’s officially summer, and the heat is on. With temperatures starting to climb as high as three digits, some Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps Center students are starting to sweat – especially after a long day in their trade instruction. Luckily, staff are coming to the rescue.

Staff members of Whitney’s finance and human resources departments have been out in the heat when students walk home for the day, braving the heat to hand out sweet treats. They’ve been giving students popsicles to help them stay cool when the day is done. “I saw the students, on the first really hot day of summer, walking from the classes back to the dorms and I noticed they were walking kind of slowly,” said Emily Manuola, the staff member who came up with the idea.

When she brought this up with Tina Johnson, finance manager, she lamented that they didn’t have anything cool and refreshing to give to students – this idea got around to the director. Manuola got approval to buy hundreds of popsicles. “They’re so appreciative,” Manuola said of the students.

This has also been a great opportunity for Manuola and her colleagues as well, allowing them the ability “to connect with the students,” she said. The finance office still has plenty of popsicles and plans to keep giving them out until they run out of supplies or don’t need to anymore.

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