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When Logan Wallace (Brick) started at Whitney M. Young Job Corps, he thought he knew what he wanted out of the program.

“I wanted my license, I wanted my high school diploma,” Wallace said. “I really didn’t care for the trade, but my instructor, he got on that level with me and explained the benefits of a trade, the benefits of a union, and having a career instead of a job.”

However, in the 10 months he spent studying at Whitney, his perspective evolved.

“I’d never heard of a program like this before,” he said. “I’m glad I did so I could pursue my goals.”

Wallace initially had a hard time adjusting to Job Corps – for example, he initially had difficulty abiding by the program’s rules. But in time, he grew used to them.

“The rules aren’t out of this world, they’re really pretty simple,” he said. “Being told when and where to do something, that just wasn’t me, but it’s all about how you adapt. If you adapt to your environment, you’re going to be fine.”

However, even though it wasn’t his only focus, Wallace was still proud of earning his diploma after dropping out of high school at 17.

“That’s a stepping stone for anybody,” he said.

And between that and his trade, he’s managed to secure a position at Louis J. Heimbrock, where that stepping stone will rocket him into a bright future. From here, it’s an easy answer to figure out what’s next.

“I plan to wake up every morning at 4, put my boots on and go to work,” he said.

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