Whitney M. Young graduate returns as employee

Whitney M. Young graduate returns as employee

Jasmine Turner, Whitney M. Young JCC’s newest Outreach and Admissions Counselor, may be a familiar face to some on campus.

That’s because Turner, prior working for Whitney, attended Whitney as a Pharmacy Tech student.

Turner came to Job Corps after graduating high school.

“I was really just not prepared to go to college. I had planned on going into the service, but was unsuccessful,” Turner said. “I felt like I was all out of options, and my godmother told me about Job Corps.”

Even though it wasn’t what she initially wanted, Turner said it still seemed like a good route to go. So she signed up and went for it.

“The same opportunities that I was dreaming of before I even heard of Job Corps were still there,” she said. “I was actually more prepared when I did go into the workforce.”

And after some time in her trade, her route through the workforce took her back to Whitney.

Turner said the logical route up in the working world as a pharmacy tech is to study medicine and become a full-time doctor, but that route didn’t interest her – she’s currently studying mental healthcare with the goal of becoming a therapist someday.

But in the meantime, she’s returning to her roots. Turner inquired at Whitney while job hunting and discovered that not only was there an opening, but one that would work in Elizabethtown – right near her home.

“I know the ins and the outs,” she said. “As an employee, I can advocate, not only for the kids but also for the company…Life is a full circle.”

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