Starting this Job Corps Year with a Positive Mental Attitude
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Starting this Job Corps Year with a Positive Mental Attitude

Jacob enjoying a summer day in the wilderness

Whitney Young Job Corps Center recognized Jacob Downing as Most Engaged student during virtual learning this past week.  Jacob lives in Grayson County and after graduating High School he weighed his options for career development.  He chose to enroll in Job Corps because he enjoys learning, but did not want to have the financial burden of student loans.  Instructors and career counselors are very impressed by Jacob’s motivation to work hard to reach his goals. Jacob shared that he learned a long time ago from a teacher to bring PMA , Positive Mental Attitude , to everything you set out to do. It obviously works for Jacob because he is getting assignments completed on time, plus sharing his insight for positive thinking in his writings for classes. In a recent response to a writing prompt he stated “The more you put in to life the corresponding outcome will either be what you put into it, whether that be positive or negative, so therefore the phrase to me is almost exactly the same as “what goes around comes around” and that if you put positivity into the world, will put positivity back into you, but if you put negativity into the world all you will get is negativity.” Thanks for these motivating words Jacob. Good luck with your studies here at Job Corps!

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