Westover Job Corps Center Announces New Center Director

Westover Job Corps Center Announces New Center Director


Cunesha Sanders has been named Center Director for the Westover Job Corps Center located in Chicopee, MA. Ms. Sanders took office Tuesday, March 1, 2011. Ms. Sanders is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Sanders brings a combination of leadership and strategic operational experience to the Westover Job Corps Center.

Cunesha Sanders will bring a new energy, experience, and expertise in management of Job Corps centers to Westover. Ms. Sanders will lead Westover Job Corps Center in developing a new direction and success in serving the 555 young adults that benefit from the program in Chicopee, MA. Ms. Sander’s objective is to utilize her leadership skills to achieve company goals, while maintaining a standard of high quality programming that will provide young people with the skills and the tools necessary to lead productive and fulfilled lives as contributing members of society. Job Corps is a proven phenomenon and Ms. Sanders is a proven expert at managing and leading Job Corps programs. Ms. Sanders loves a challenge, and her history at managing Job Corps centers lets all of us know that she is also skilled in being able to do the impossible. Through Ms. Sanders leadership the Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center and the Detroit Job Corps Center went from being centers that were low performers to highly productive Centers which are now ranked amongst the countries top 125 Job Corps Centers.

Prior to taking on the leadership of the Westover Job Corps Center, Ms. Sanders was the Center Director for the Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center located in Flint, Michigan and the Center Director of the Detroit Job Corps Center, in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Sanders has over 15 years experience in Job Corps.

Sanders said, “I am excited about taking on the position of Center Director at Westover Job Corps Center. This is a wonderful Center and the student’s have incredible possibilities. I am a winner and we, at Westover Job Corps Center, are winners. Our objective is to achieve excellence in placement of our graduates in College, Advanced Training, the Military, and into the workforce by providing excellent career, vocational, and academic training. We believe that when we achieve this goal, our students, their families, and communities benefit and prosper. “

Westover Job Corps Center on its way to achieving new heights.


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