Day-to-Day, Real-Life, Real Work, Training Environment and Experiences

Day-to-Day, Real-Life, Real Work, Training Environment and Experiences

Westover Job Corps Center, Culinary Arts Vocational students will learn about the catering and restaurant business in a new partnership with the Log Cabin/Delany House.

It’s going to be, all things catering and restaurant related in a six week training course that has been designed to give students an inside and, up-close, look at the restaurant, catering and banquet business.  There will plenty of opportunities to learn and develop new cooking techniques as Westover, Job Corp students sharpen their skills in the Log Cabin/Delany House, “state-of-the-art,” kitchen. 

The owners of the Log Cabin/Delany House in Holyoke, MA and their Sou Chef, Rich Poggi, have worked with the culinary arts instructors from Westover Job Corps Center and developed a six week hands-on, lab for students in the Culinary Arts vocation.  Students will develop new skills and have the chance to sharpen other skills and training, as they further their learning experiences in, on-the-job training at the Log Cabin/Delany House.  Students will work through the theory and principals of catering as they learn, health and safety, nutrition and computing, as well as, expand upon their math’s and language skills. The six week, “lab” will give students a chance to work in the kitchen and experience all of the “back-room” operations of a restaurant and work in “front of the house” as they will work as servers, manage and cook in food stations and work with management in building a understanding of how the business is run. 

Log Cabin/Delany House and Westover Job Corps Center’s Work Based Learning Partnership is a Recipe for Success.  Students that excel in the training lab will be invited to apply for part and full-time employment opportunities with the Log Cabin/Delany House.

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