Treasure Island Job Corps celebrates Global Youth Services Day(s) in style with a week of volunteerism and community work!

Treasure Island Job Corps celebrates Global Youth Services Day(s) in style with a week of volunteerism and community work!

Between April 15th and 17th, approximately 100+ Treasure Island Job Corps students joined millions of other youth across the globe to celebrate Global Youth Service Days – three days set aside to encourage youth worldwide to participate in a variety of community service activities in areas such as disaster prevention and relief, global citizenship, refugee assistance, poverty, homelessness, health, public safety, and the environment.
Community service is strongly endorsed as a nationwide Job Corps value and Global Youth Service Days (GYSD) are typically celebrated on Job Corps centers all across the country. Here at TIJCC, we “made a difference” in our backyards, in our communities, and in our neighborhoods. The activities in which we participated enhanced our beautiful environment in ecologically responsible ways while serving the greater good and building community.
Treasure Island Job Corps students and staff “upped the ante” by dedicating the entire week to community service and volunteer activities including:
CMA students volunteering in health care with Remote Area Medical for the community
Environmental island clean-up of our own backyard and seascape on Treasure Island
Volunteering to serve meals at the Glide Foundation in San Francisco
Participating in Leadership Day at the Garden in Adams Rodgers Park

A cooperative community collective KUDOS to all who participated!

The Student Government Association- SGA serves meals to those in need at the glide foundation SF
Last week, leadership and SGA volunteered to work at the Glide Foundation, a non-profit organization located in San Francisco that serves three meals a day to thousands of people. About 25 members of TIJCC helped join this cause and we benefited substantially. Before we got to work we had a prep talk with one of the head advisors, Ms. Lache`, about how her job takes more than knowledge to regulate. She talked about her experiences and how it got her to this point. Her words motivated and our undivided attention was captivated by her inspirational speech.
When we started working we saw unexpected people coming in to grab a bite to eat – people such as construction workers or graveyard shift workers. “It was kinda weird seeing so many people with different backgrounds all dining together,” stated D’arco Davis a student at TIJCC, “this is a great opportunity for anybody to come get something to eat, if you‟re homeless or even if you just got off of work” Davis later said. Overall, we all acknowledged the fact that a few meals a day could go a long way for some more than others and it was an honor to contribute in an activity with so much rectitude.

FINALLLY- CMA- Certified Medical Assistant Students offer services at ram California volunteer clinic
On Monday, April 11th, six hardy Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) students awoke at the crack of dawn (3:30 am to be exact!) to join 2136 other health care professionals who signed up to serve as volunteers in the Remote Area Medical (RAM) volunteer clinics held in Sacramento and Oakland these past two weeks.
Our students served in the clinic held at the Oakland Coliseum where registration began at 4:00 am for volunteers who would together provide service to over 3000 patients with 5530 medical and dental services! Volunteer tasks undertaken by our students included serving as patient escorts, conducting check in and registration, participating as assistants in complicated dental work and (according to one long time volunteer) just being “a delight to be around!”
Following the event, founder of RAM, Stan Brock, mentioned that out of the 640 clinics held in the US, the Sacramento and Oakland clinics were the best experienced. Asked what made the clinics the best, Mr. Brock‟s responses were: the friendliness of the volunteers, appreciation from the patients, location and organization of the event.
Our students participated in the volunteer clinic at the invitation of the Oakland Office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee who, in the last year, has provided many opportunities for the professional development of our students – including establishing an Office Assistant (OA) Work Based Learning site in her Oakland Office!
Participants were pleasantly delighted when the Congresswoman attended the RAM event, thanked the founder and acknowledged our very own CMA students for their hard work! 04/22/11
GYSD: tijcc students tackle island flotsam and jetsam in ecological cleanup
Led by Career Academics Manager, Mrs. Roanne Francisco, staff and students volunteered in a local GYSD event: a Treasure Island trash pick-up beautification project. Staff who brought their Math, Reading, and New Online Resource Learning classes were Mr. Li, Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. An, Mrs. Shine, Mrs. Williams and Mr. Blount.
Students turned out in droves with gloves and hardy clothing to rid the beautiful TI coastline (also known as the “Rip Rap”) of debris such as bottles, cans, and other flotsam and jetsam often jettisoned by the unscrupulous visitor to the beautiful coastal paradise. Mounds of garbage were carefully separated and disposed of in ecologically responsible ways.
Many thanks to TIDA’s Marianne Thompson for supporting our students in community building by allowing us to do this good work via the island clean up! ~Harriet Williams, Applied Reading Instructor & Wilhelmina Parker, BCL Director
TIJCC‟s CMA volunteers pose with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Remote Area Medical volunteer clinic founder, Stan Brock. Over 3000 patients were provided medical services in one day! (800) 733-JOBS •
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Gysd: leadership day at the garden in adams Rodgers park
On April 16, 2011, Peer Leadership Coordinator, Darion Eastman and a few Leadership students teamed up with Public Allies, AIMCO, Hunters Point Family, and San Francisco Recreation Parks to beautify the community garden in Adams Rodgers Park for Global Youth Service Day.
When we arrived at our destination, we were astounded to see how many other people had shown up to show their support. The group experienced great hospitality with the staff members and the locals with the food they provided, which was all vegetarian! The performances consisted of a local middle school band that constructed three original songs (Mary Had A Little Lamb, Black and Yellow and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) with a little hip-hop twist to it, a local high school girl who sung three songs with the help of her ukulele, and two dancers that sparked up the event!!!!
After the performances, there were five workshops that provided both education and fun: Face Painting, Diet Coke Explosion, Baking Soda Balloons, and Smoking Water. Some of our Treasure Island students helped out in the garden plowing and planting trees.
“I really had a fun time,” said TIJCC Student, Dominick Burns. “The weather was fantastic and the activities were really cool and funny.” To our surprise there were many young kids who were participating from the ages of 5-15 and many adults as well. “It felt great to be able to help out and see all the people who helped as well,” said TIJCC Student, Leticia Long. Even Mr. Eastman enjoyed the company of the group that came and was appreciative and it showed how much people from job corps care and are willing to help out the community.

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