Jobs, Juice and Jubilation mark launch of Jamba Juice/ Job Corps Partnership at Treasure Island Job Corps

Jobs, Juice and Jubilation mark launch of Jamba Juice/ Job Corps Partnership at Treasure Island Job Corps

On Monday, March 26th, Treasure Island Job Corps Center Director David Miller and Jamba Juice Chairman and CEO James D. White formally announced an important partnership aimed at paving the way for Job Corps students to gain critical workforce skills to help them succeed in the culinary and food service sectors. At an event marking the launch of a seminal youth employment thrust to hire 2500 summer youth by Jamba Juice led by CEO James D. White, Treasure Island Job Corps participants led representatives from offices of local elected officials, community stakeholders, and leadership from the U.S. Department of Labor on a tour of the “Michelle Obama Urban Farm” and participated in a Career Fair with Jamba Juice leadership and corporate executives. At the fair, Culinary students were provided the opportunity to interview with Jamba Juice for job opportunities. Treasure Island Job Corps students will be able to attain a MBA or “Masters of Blending Arts’, focusing on nutritional education and expertise, setting them on a fast track to assume leadership positions in Jamba stores.

We were honored to welcome dignitaries and elected officials such as San Francisco Regional Job Corps Director Brian Daher, Jamba Juice Chairman and CEO James D. White, DOL Assistant Secretary of ETA Jane Oates, Regional Director, DOL Office of Public Affairs Deanne L. Amaden,, Colin Foard, Office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Office of Assemblymember Fiona Ma, Nicholas Evans, Special Assistant – Board Member, Betty Yee First District State Board of Equalization, Brian Wallace, Assistant – Board Member Betty Yee, First District Board of Equalization, Matthew Poland, Director, Matchbridge, United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA) as well as key staff and leadership from Jamba Juice corporate executive leadership and management team. Also represented were Adams and Associates company president-Roy Adams and other Adams and Associates key leadership.

During the event, invited guests/dignitaries enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Center’s Culinary Program. Prepared by TIJCC Culinary students, the meal featured a bounty of the best in epicurean delights with organic produce from the Michelle Obama Green Acre-Treasure Island Job Corps’ organic garden. We are grateful to Jamba Juice CEO James D. White and staff for innovative leadership and a proven commitment to our nation’s youth!

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