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New Orleans Job Corps Featured on Entercom’s WYLD-FM

“Success stories? There have been so many,” said Savoie. “One that immediately comes to mind is a young woman named Kimberly who had not had all the breaks in life and from an at-risk background. She so impressed the managers at Red Fish Grill on a Culinary field trip that they hired her three weeks later. She performed so well in the heat of battle that day”

Famous Chef Helps New Orleans Students Get Ready for Iron Chef

Any Louisiana cook knows you can’t make a meal without spice. New Orleans Job Corps culinary students got an extra dose Thursday from world-renowned chef Susan Spicer. They are sharpening their skills, taking notes and trimming the fat as their select group prepares to compete in their own version of Iron Chef.

“I learned how to skin a fish — my first time doing that,” says student David Butler. “I think I did a good job.”

A Look Back: New Orleans Job Corps Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day 2011

“We went out to the neighborhood garden and we all kind of banded together,” said Destiny Holloway. “It was interesting to see some kids get dirty that don’t normally get dirty. We got out there with our shovels and our hoes and we weeded and we really kind of came together and did some great stuff. We planted flowers, tomato plants, peppers. It was really awesome”

NFL Players Motivate Trainees as Part of Black History Month Celebration in New Orleans

Former New Orleans Saint Skyler Green said hard work and dedication are the keys to success.

“I had a football coach who told me ‘If it was easy everybody would do it.’ And it’s not easy and it’s not meant to be easy. So, if it is hard it’s more appreciated in the end,” said Green.

Green added after the celebration that it was an honor to speak to the trainees at New Orleans Job Corps Center.

“It does make you feel good. You just try to share with these young people to always stays positive, always go forward and not look back,” said Green. “If you made a mistake it doesn’t matter. Just, always keep your focus on what’s ahead of you – and that is a very bright future.”

New Orleans Culinary Trainees Feed the Homeless

Culinary trainee Ahmad Carter, who completes his trade on Friday, said experiences like these prepare him for a career in the New Orleans restaurant industry.

“Today, we had to cook for a lot of people and in a restaurant you have to cook for a lot of people in a fast-paced environment,” said Ahmad. “So, events like these help me get the expereience I will need.”