Springdale Job Corps goes to California!

Springdale Job Corps goes to California!

Oakland isn’t normally what you’d call a Mecca of ideas, friendship and growth. Beauty and uniqueness perhaps – charming most definitely. To each person that attended the Department of Labor Regional Leadership Conference held in Oakland, CA from October 11 through the 14th, Oakland was a transformed into a haven of friendship, growth, and inspiration.

For the Student Government Association Leadership Conference, they heard from distinguished leaders such as Dr. Scott Kimball, Jed Cowan, and inspirational speaker and celebrity Chef Jeff Henderson. Students networked, participated in leadership book clubs, spoke with regional and federal staff representatives and got to know contractor staff and participate in a Q & A.

PIVOT student Yaraneli Rodriguez-Zurita and Springdale student Linda Drew, selected to attend as the SGA representatives, were thrilled at the information they received.

“I want to bring back unity,” said Linda. “The spirit of teamwork and connection among our Student Government, as well as how to further unite and engage our student population. I learned so much through my fellow students, from incentives and discipline to how to unite unique populations and encourage diversity.”

Yaraneli adds, “Dr. Scott Kimball and Jed Cowan taught me a lot about the concept of clarity and understanding your role – both that of a student and that of a staff member. All the presentations were so helpful – I want to bring back the ideals of going above and beyond, encouraging individuals to make that extra step and not do something because you’re expected to. I was really inspired by the ideas of commitment, community and connection.”

To top off the week, students and staff were treated to an inspirational speech by Chef Jeff Henderson of the Chef Jeff Project, featured on the Food Network. Chef Henderson challenged the students to remember “You Come Alone, You Leave Alone” – forget the drama, the relationships, and challenge yourself to do something more.

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