Springdale Job Corps Center Student Success Q&A with Samantha Feagins

Springdale Job Corps Center Student Success Q&A with Samantha Feagins

Samantha Feagins- 20, Milwaukie, OR, Health Occupations

Samantha Feagins (pronounced Fay-ghins) is a great example of a student taking advantage of all that Job Corps has to offer. She recently earned her Certified Nursing Assistant certification while at Springdale Job Corps Center and was accepted to the Practical Nursing (LPN) program at the Denison Job Corps Center in Denison, Iowa for Advanced Training. Her ultimate goal, becoming a surgeon.

After graduating from Milwaukie High School in Oregon, Feagins enrolled at Clackamas Community College to pursue a degree in, well, she wasn’t quite sure. She had an art class and French class she really enjoyed, but didn’t think pursuing art as a career was feasible. Money was also becoming an issue and after two-terms, college had to be put on hold. Enter Job Corps. Feagins spoke about her time at Springdale Job Corps Center and what she’s looking forward to in the future.

What about the Health Occupations program stuck out?

I want to be a surgeon so I can help people and I thought Health Occupations would be a good place to start. I love learning about the human body. I also like drawing the body. I find it fascinating to learn how the body works! My mom has had two back surgeries and she’s still not doing great, so it would be kind of cool to be able to help people in her situation. Also, the excellent treatment I received from my doctors for some migraines I’ve struggled with had some impact on why I chose the medical path.

The surgeon idea was there and Springdale helped reinforce that plan?
Yes. I had to do a lot of goal planning here, so it was through that planning where I started considering it more. And then working with patients during clinicals made me realize I wanted to further my education. Clincals was wonderful! I thought the LPN program in Iowa could be a good step.
How else has Springdale Job Corps Center helped you?

I used to be very directionless. I’d do my high school work, then go to work, and come home and play video games. I’d repeat that pattern. I was not the most motivated person! Springdale helped me learn to focus better and get tasks accomplished. I learned about the importance of goal planning too. Springdale taught me to be independent and being here helped me become more social. This place has helped me figure out a career track and I’ve learned solid skills!

How did you react when you got accepted to Advanced Training?

I felt like I did really well during the interview so I figured I had a chance. When I found out I got in I was nervous because there were a bunch of things I needed to get done before leaving. A few days ago is when I finally felt excited about the opportunity! My first day is May 29.

You mentioned art and French, those still in your life?

French isn’t dead! I can understand it, but holding a conversation is challenging. I’m trying to read Le Petite Prince right now. It’s a children’s book! I want to be able to understand the language better! I’m still drawing, I love drawing. I have a painting of a bird hanging in the Health Occupations classroom right now. Eventually I want to learn about computer animation so I can animate my art. I have a few things on my to-do list for the future!

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