Springdale Job Corps Center participates in Read Across America Day

Springdale Job Corps Center participates in Read Across America Day

Briana Foxworth, Carmellita Fenner, Kyle Doyle

Springdale Job Corps Center had three students volunteer for Read Across America Day at Corbett Grade School. The two-hour reading event took place February 28, 2019 and gave Springdale students the opportunity to read to five classes ranging from kindergarten to third grade. For the participating Springdale students, this was their first opportunity reading to young students at a school and they all found the experience very valuable.

Briana Foxworth- Automotive Paint

This definitely made my whole week. The kids were so funny and we had a lot of fun. They were all smiles and adorable! I would love to do this again. This was a very positive experience and I really think we should do it more than once a year because it benefits us and the school we partner with.

Carmellita Fenner- Office Administration

It was great seeing all of their little smiles! When I was reading the moo book [Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seuss], we were all mooing! They were all engaged and it was so fun!  A lot of my students didn’t want to leave and wanted to keep reading! Hearing that made me feel good because I knew I was doing a good job!

Kyle Doyle- Office Administration

I went in with the idea that I’d be doing all of the reading, but it was really cool for the kids to want to read to me and read together. When I left, I thought “I should be a teacher.” This was a really cool opportunity to spend time with these kids. It was also cool that we got to read Dr. Seuss books because those were books I read as a kid. It’d be great if this could be an all-day thing. Then we’d get much more time to engage with the students and be able to read to more classes.

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