Springdale CNA Students Use Skills to Help

Springdale CNA Students Use Skills to Help

One way students can practice the skills they’re learning in class is through volunteer projects. For Springdale’s CNA students, this includes joining Volunteers of America for a day of art activities with adults and children alike.

Weekly, Volunteers of America meet with preschool aged children and then elderly adults to work on art projects that vary from painting to coloring to crafts. The CNA students are able to practice working with different age groups and their customer service skills. The volunteer opportunities give the students a low-pressure and fun way to use their skills in a real-life setting and expose them to the population they’ll most likely be working with.

Instructor Liliya Svirzhevsky appreciates how important these kinds of activities can be to her students. “Nursing assistants not only give care to the physical side of a person, but also the emotional side. They work from a holistic approach, and this was a great chance for them to their put soft skills into practice.”

Career Counselor Alex Syum accompanied the group to the activity. “I had a lot of fun,” he said. “I got to hang out with the students and see them use what they’re learning in a setting that will be similar to what they’ll do in their careers.”

The Volunteers of America were impressed with our CNA students and were excited by their energy and enthusiasm. “The group of students who came out did a great job engaging with the kids and the adults,” said Crissy Kibbons-Lindah, the Activity Coordinator at the adult day care center where the students volunteered. “They really brought big energy! It’s hard to get our clients out into the community so bringing the community to them is so important. Springdale is welcome back any time!”

We appreciate our community partners who allow our students to experience these fun events that will help them hone their skills!

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