PIVOT Workforce Council Meeting Brings Employers to the Table

PIVOT Workforce Council Meeting Brings Employers to the Table

Some of the most important partnerships we develop are with our employer and work-based learning partners. As part of the important process of getting feedback from our partners, PIVOT held its first workforce council meeting of 2016 this past Wednesday. Inviting companies and non-profit organizations that have been working with their students to sit down and offer insight about the industries they work in as well as where we can improve training is vital to keep up with workplace trends and make sure students graduating are as employable as possible.

PIVOT Employment Specialist Jessica Corpuel made sure attendees had an opportunity to evaluate the training programs and the materials used in the classrooms. “Without hearing from the people working with our students in actual employment settings, we wouldn’t know where we can improve and what is working best to prepare students for success.”

The meeting was also attended by Medical Office Support student Stephanie, who took notes as well as explained why she decided to attend PIVOT, what she was studying, and what she’s getting out of work-based learning. “PIVOT offered everything I needed,” she said. “It was non-residential, I could complete my high school diploma, and the training offered was exactly what I wanted for the career I’m interested in. It really was perfect.”

PIVOT Site Director Tyna Moreschi sees the value in hearing from employer partners. “Without their input, we wouldn’t know what was happening on the ground. We get a lot of information on the big picture, but on-the-ground information is vital in knowing how our students are doing on-site.”

Job Corps is committed to training young adults in the most current and relevant job skills. We guarantee that by working closely with businesses and organizations to make sure our training is the best it can be.

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