Security Students Work Hard in the Community

Security Students Work Hard in the Community

For the past year, Security students at SNJCC have participated in the Washoe County Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Training and the Citizen Corps Program. The training provides students with the skills necessary to assist their community during an emergency. Students have participated in numerous emergency drills, serving as both victims and responders.

Recently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded the Washoe County Citizen Corps the National Acheivement Award for Most Outstanding Citizen Corps Council 2010. A letter from Washoe County Sheriff Michael Haley stated, “From protecting children, responding to emergencies, and supporting professional responders in training and exercies to enhanding homeland security efforts, your team has answered the call for volunteers with excellence and enthusiasm.”

Students also participated in the Washoe County Community Emergency Response Team Competition on September 11, 2010. Two teams of three SNJCC students competed against 38 other community teams in the areas of Incident Command System, Fire Extinguisher Simulator, Head-to-Toe Assessment, Triage, and Cribbing. The students won five of the 15 awards available:

Team 1: Bryan Myers, Lucas Haring and Leila Haring
• Third overall in the competition
• Gold medal in Cribbing (performed with Team 2
• Silver medal in Head-to-toe Assessments
• Silver medal in Fire Safety
• Bronze in Incident Command System

Team 2: Ryan Wilson, Julius Jackson and Zivon Sewell
• Gold in Cribbing (performed with Team 1)
• Bronze in Fire Safety

In addition, ten students (including students from Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Office Support trades) 
participated as the victims for the competition: Zulema Caballero, Audrey Yokoi, Ivan Cifuentes, Brian Cortez, Velayna Payne, Todd Heimark, Sen Tafiti, Michael Patterson, Nathan Hunter and Brittany Rimmer. Our Security students have also helped with security and crowd control for many of Reno’s large-scale events, including the Reno Rodeo, Hot August Nights, the Reno Air Races and Street Vibrations. We commend these students for their continued demonstration of professionalism and dedication to our community!

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