Shriver Job Corps – New CTS Tool

Shriver Job Corps – New CTS Tool

It started out as an idea.  What more could CTS do to stay in touch with the students>  The answer was simple – Facebook.  Andres Rodriguez, one of Shriver’s CTS workers, took on the challenge.  A Facebook account was created.  Facebook denied the account.  So now what” Shriver needed something that would catch the eye of the students.  It’s back to the drawing board for Mr. Rodriguez.  Three more attempts were made until the new was born. 

www.shriver is a social networking site designed to stay in touch with past and present students.  There are many features on this new addition to Shriver.  To date there are around one hundred and fifty members and on an average of eight to ten students or staff joins each day.

Now CTS has another avenue do keep in touch with former students.  Some of the other features are live chat sessions, that is monitored during the day, each vocation has its own group.  Documents can be uploaded to each group so that students can have access to such items as syllabuses, required work, lesson and many other files

One of the major features is an RSS feed.  An RSS feed provides summaries of web content in a simple format.  In this case the information that is gathered comes from such sites as,, and other similar sites. They provide job listings for the students.  These listings are broken down into the many different vocations that are here at Shriver.  For those who prefer their cell phone to search outside of the training day, they can use the mobile version that has been created just for cell phone use.

The launching took place about a month ago and has been a huge success here at Shriver.  CTS workers now have another avenue to keep track of the students. 

There will be many changes taking place on the website to make it even better.  Keep up the good work Mr. Rodriguez!

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