San Diego Job Corps Student Participates in 2012 National Home Builder International Builders Show
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San Diego Job Corps Student Participates in 2012 National Home Builder International Builders Show

“I never thought when I enrolled in Job Corps that so many doors would open for me,” advised 19 year old San Diego Job Corps student Luis Nieves.  “I’m receiving a great education at Job Corps, I’ve had the opportunity to intern at both Bill Howe Plumbing and Steve Fox Plumbing in San Diego, and last week I took part in the Home Builders Show in Florida.  When I graduate from Job Corps this spring”, Luis continued, “I will be receiving advanced training in plumbing at the Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey.”

John Gallagher, Luis’ Plumbing instructor at the San Diego Center selected Luis to attend this year’s National Home Builder International Builders Show (IBS) held in Orlando, Florida.  “It is the largest annual light construction show in the world and attracts 50,000 people from over 100 countries,” Gallagher advised.  “The Home Builders Institute (HBI) asked me to recommend a student with excellent plumbing and social skills to work at the exhibit tables and demonstrate skills they are learning at Job Corps.  Luis is a hard worker and outstanding student, and I knew he would be a great representative for Job Corps.”

“I worked with other Job Corps students from throughout the United States who were in other HBI trades,” Luis stated.  “There were five full days of work, but I enjoyed working with the other students, met a lot of interesting people, and it was a great experience.  I even won first place in the jeopardy game they held for Job Corps students,” Luis continued with a smile.  “It was a lot of pressure, but I did pretty well with the questions about the construction industry, safety in the workforce, OSHA guidelines, and the other topics.”

Luis stated that he was grateful for everyone that has helped him during the past year at Job Corps.  “It’s been a great opportunity for me,” Luis stated.  “John Gallagher is a great instructor and has guided me every step of the way.”  Luis plans to return to San Diego after completing his advanced training in New Jersey.  “I plan on working for a local plumbing company,” he added, “and some day open my own company.”

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