San Diego Job Corps Contributes To Donate Your Old Shoes Organization
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San Diego Job Corps Contributes To Donate Your Old Shoes Organization

“I recently reconnected with a former classmate,” advised San Diego Job Corps Student Government Association Specialist Claudia Chavez, “and she told me about the Donate Your Old Shoes Organization and their mission: ‘Put shoes on the shoeless world’.  From there I reached out to our students and staff, and in 3 weeks collected almost a hundred pairs of shoes.”

 Ms. Chavez’ former classmate Melissa Adao is founder and CEO of  a charitable dance production company, Outreach Through Dance, in San Diego.  “I had already partnered with MASA and 220-Fusion XII event, a UCSD student organization, when Claudia contacted me”, Ms. Adao stated.  “I had organized “Just Kicks” to collect shoes for the Donate Your Old Shoes organization, so the timing was great.  Our goal was to collect 2,100 pairs of shoes, but we will exceed 3,000.  For me it was an opportunity to help, and to create awareness of “giving back” in the dance community.”

The non-profit Donate Your Old Shoes Organization, has a goal of collecting 25,000 pairs of shoes to help Haiti, Africa, and other shoeless populations around the world.  They note that “so many people in different parts of our world walk around barefoot, not by choice, but because they lack the resources to put shoes on their feet”.

“This month our center is participating again in the annual Global Youth Service event,” Ms. Chavez stated. “Millions of young people around the world will be working to improve their communities, and our center has several local activities planned. Donating shoes to people in need, in the greater world community, is a wonderful way to begin our service to others.”

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