San Diego Job Corps’ Award Winning Culinary Arts Students
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San Diego Job Corps’ Award Winning Culinary Arts Students

During the second week of October 2010, four students from San Diego Job Corps’ Culinary Arts program participated in the 3rd Annual Culinary Expo at the Treasure Island Job Corps Center in San Francisco.  Seventeen teams from Job Corps’ San Francisco Region took part in the 4-day competition. Students were challenged to incorporate light cooking methods into their menus-two appetizers, an entrée, and two desserts-limited to a grocery bill not to exceed $100.

On October 14th the winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony attended by hundreds of Job Corps students, staff, and guests from the culinary industry. San Diego’s team won the Peoples’ Choice Award and Third Place in the overall competition. 

“This was an amazing experience, starting with the pep rally on center before we left” stated Janice Dukes, a member of San Diego’s team. I’ve always wanted to be a chef and this was a great experience for all of us.  We met people from other cities and states and learned a lot from Job Corps and celebrity chefs.  Three of us had never flown before, and none of us had been to San Francisco.  The whole area is interesting and beautiful and we learned a lot about the culinary industry.  We also learned not to be afraid of new people, new challenges, and new experiences,” she added. “We can succeed if we work hard and apply what we’re learning at Job Corps.”

Both San Diego Job Corps Chefs Richard Siegiel and Brian Kelly spoke highly of the San Diego team. “Janice Dukes, Gabriela Salazar, Anthony Neal, and Haydee Gomez are excellent students and fine young people,” stated Chef Kelly, who accompanied them on the trip. “For three weeks prior to the competition they dedicated themselves to the goal of winning.  It certainly paid off and all of our students and staff are proud of what they have achieved.”

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