Roswell Job Corps – Former Student, Isaac Chaparro addresses graduating class of 2015
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Roswell Job Corps – Former Student, Isaac Chaparro addresses graduating class of 2015

Roswell Job Corps 2015

Isaac Chaparro is 20 years old, born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. My family includes my parents, Eunice Delgado and Gonzalo Chaparro, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I attended Alameda Elementary School, Picacho Middle School. During middle school I began playing football and was “STAR” player every year. During high school, my sophomore year, I began to make terrible decisions. I got mixed up with drugs and the law. Due to my decisions, I was dropped from the football team, which left me unmotivated. I dropped out of school and did nothing to better my life for 3 years.
After turning 19, I was sitting at home one day on FACEBOOK, when I read the quote “The Saddest Form of Suicide, is a Wasted Life”. That is when I realized, that I needed to make a drastic change. I remembered that a friend told me about a place called Job Corps but I didn’t know too much about it.
I made the call, and arrived at Roswell Job Corps Center on January 5, 2014. When I arrived, I saw that it was something really different for me, and it would take time to adapt. I know I had to take it day by day, constantly reminding myself of the reason why I was here.
After a month of mandatory CPP and TABE Testing, I was put into GED classes with Ms. Aldana. In February 2014 I earned the first 2014 GED for Roswell Job Corps Center. I then became a full-time Auto student with Mr. Urquidez.
I did not know about cars but as time passed I was taught the basics on how to work on vehicles. As I became more experienced, I was asked if I would be will to give U.S. Senator Heinrich a tour of the Auto Program. I said yes, not exactly knowing what to do when the time came. I did well and really impressed him as well as my Instructors.
I completed the automotive Program in 4 months and I earned a Light Machine Maintenance & Repair certificate. As the end of my time at Job Corps came, I knew that I was done growing and that I needed to take the next step in my life that would get me closer to success.
My instructor told me that Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell offered an Automotive Technology program that went into more depth. I was really interested and I then went to enroll at the ENMU-R campus where I planned to earn my Associates Degree of Applied Science in Automotive Technology.
In August 2014 I started full time in Mr. Eric Gomez ‘class. Things were rough at first but I decided to stick with it because I knew that education was the key to success. I had to learn that it was not just about showing up to class but the eagerness to grow and learn more every single day and never be satisfied.
I have now been enrolled in ENMU-R for 3 semesters and I am glad to say that I have passed all of my classes with A’s and B’s and have been on the Dean’s List for keeping a GPA above 3.25. I am enrolled and attending ENMU-R this school year of 2015-2016.
I have set a long term goal which is to complete my college degree, but every day I set daily objectives that will help me get closer to my goal. One of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford is “Vision without execution is simply hallucination.”
May of this year I competed in a State-Wide Competition in Albuquerque, NM where I competed in power equipment technology. At competition I was tested on small engines. I earned 1st place at the state level and now qualified for National competition. I traveled to Louisville Kentucky for a week long competition, I placed 9th in the National. Recently I was asked to interview with Roswell Daily Record to talk about my competition at the National event. Also, I was asked by Ms. Lopez from Roswell Job Corps to be a speaker for Roswell Job Corps Graduation. I was able to meet City Mayor Dennis Kentigh, President of Economic Development John Malcahy and New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez. JOB CORPS WORKS!!!!

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