Providing Inspiration from Experience

Providing Inspiration from Experience

Jessica Granado was raised by her grandparent and was a single parent early on.  Her desire to complete her high school education  was facilitated by Roswell’s alternative high school, University High.  She achieved her high school diploma  in May of 2004 and after a year discovered that finding a good job was still difficult.  She enrolled in the Roswell Job Corps in May of 2005.  Already having high TABE scores and a high school diploma, Jessica was quick to pursue her trade in health occupations.  Jessica completed in October 2005.  She passed her state license for Certified Nursing Assistant and started working.  Immediately after graduating from Job Corps, Jessica enrolled in college, earning her Associates in 2008 and her Bachelors in Social Work in May 2010.  A Career Development Specialist position opened shortly after she walked the stage for a fourth time, and she applied.  Jessica sailed through the interviews and was soon meeting her case load of students learning health occupations and culinary arts.

Jessica has now spoken at two graduations as an alumni speaker, always emphasizing that everyone can graduate and everyone can be successful, and most importantly they are all in a program that supports those efforts better than any where else she has been.

Jessica has now served on the staff of Roswell Job Corps Center for six months and has stated many times that this has become her dream job.

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