Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Groundhog Job Shadow Day

For the ninth year, the members of Roswell Job Corps Center Student Government traveled to Santa Fe to shadow their Representatives and Senators for the day.  For the past  6 years, the event has been a three day long adventure where the students are shown the vast historical significance and treasures of the oldest capital in the United States.

The trip starts with the students getting a tour of the plaza of Santa Fe, by traveling down the last segment of the Old Santa Fe Trail.  The entrance of this town square which was opened in 1610 is lined with buildings that have been around just as long, and the entire west side is occupied the by 400 year old Palace of the Governors.  The tour then goes to Loretto Chapel to witness the Miraculous Staircase, followed by a tour of the Cathedral and Chapel de Conquistadora.  The day this year was wrapped up with a meeting with Governor Susana Martinez in her office.  Governor Martinez has two special distinctions: the first woman Governor in New Mexico and the first Hispanic female Governor in country.  The Governor was very impressed with the students and their stories on getting from where they were to where they are now and how Job Corps has assisted in building their lives.

The second day is spent in the state capitol.  The Round House in New Mexico is always energized with excitement during the session, this year was no exceptions.  The students where taken by their Senator or Representative to the floor and introduced to the session.  This was their best opportunity to see how a large government body works.

The third day wraps up with the museums of the State of New Mexico.  The five museums in Santa Fe represent fine art, Native American history, international folk art, and the incredible history of the southwest, Santa Fe and the Camino Real.   By the end of the trip the students are always praying for snow so they can spend one more day on the adventure.  This is one of the most educational trips the students have the opportunity to take all year.

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