Ramey Job Corps goes on National T.V.

Ramey Job Corps goes on National T.V.

Aguadilla, P.R.- Jorge y Grenda 100×35 is a variety show that goes around the island, looking for success stories, community programs, cultural events and sites, and any other issue that highlights opportunities, success, needs, and integration of the nation.  Grenda Rivera is well known Journalist, daughter of a prime Journalist Jorge Rivera. Both, father and daughter go around the Puerto Rico island, which measures 100 miles (west to east) by 35 miles (north to south) to offer coverage about the above mentioned. The show is transmitted by channel PuntoDos, which is affiliated with Telemundo.

On August 9th, Jorge y Grenda 100×35  first sent the Reporter, Gladymar Rivera-Virella to provide coverage on Center trades and interview students enrolled in Technical Career programs and, the Advanced Career Training program. For the first time students had the opportunity to be interviewed for a national television program. Culinary Arts program students demonstrated appreciation by giving her and the Camera man, fresh fruit baskets.

Later, on August  29th , four other students, Outreach & Admissions Specialist (OAS) and Business & Community Liaison (BCL) visited the provisional recording studio to be interviewed by Jorge and Grenda for the final part of the show.  In addition, students shared their experiences as resident students, from why they decided to enroll to the program, to how they were doing in the career transition period. Both, OAS and BCL, talked more about the requirements, offerings, benefits, center and students´ highlights, as well as the opportunities to enroll to advanced programs within Puerto Rico and United States.

Jorge and Grenda demonstrated great recognition and empathy to our students which made them feel in total comfort. Jorge has had acquaintances participating of the program as well as the Reporter Gladymar. The Culinary Arts trade students also prepared two beautiful fresh fruit baskets to Jorge and Grenda as a symbol of appreciation for exhibiting the Ramey Job Corps program in their show in favor of those many at risk youth who need to know how Job Corps helps them build a prosperous future.

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