Faces of Job Corps: Madalyna Little Bull Walks Slow from Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps

Faces of Job Corps: Madalyna Little Bull Walks Slow from Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps

Advanced Automotive TradeMadalyna Little Bull Walks Slow is 24 years old and currently enrolled in the Advanced Automotive Program at Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps in Minot, ND.   She was born and raised in Southern California. The past two years, she has attended Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps with her children.   In January, she is planning on doing a Work Based Learning in Minot, ND, while she waits to start the diesel program at North Dakota State School of Science in Wahpeton, ND. 

In 2004, she graduated from Sherman Indian High School and got her driver’s license in 2003.  In 2009, she joined Job Corps because two years after high school graduation, she was already a house wife and a mother of two boys with only a high school diploma.  She figured since her husband was in the Navy and they were at war, if something were to happen to him, she wouldn’t be able to financially take care of their sons alone with a minimum wage job.  Madalyna says Job Corps is actually helping her achieve her goals of having a career, great pay, an easier life, and a happy home for her family. 

The thing she likes most about Job Corps is that it doesn’t cost me a penny to make a better future for herself.  Madalyna says her children are welcome to be with her while she trains for her career and everything she needs is here on campus.  She says in her dorm she has a washer and dryer, a bedroom that includes a bathroom, a full kitchen, computers with internet access, and her cleaning supplies to keep a clean home.  Here at Job Corps, she says she has  three full meals everyday, cooked and ready, and a Wellness center on campus for when she gets sick.

Scrapbooking and going to the movies are her favorite hobbies.

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