Potomac Job Corps Student of the Month of February, 2011- DeAnthony Cummings
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Potomac Job Corps Student of the Month of February, 2011- DeAnthony Cummings

DeAnthony Cummings, student of the advanced Transportation Communication Union TCU program of the Potomac Job Corps Center has been elected as the “Student of the Month “ for the month of February 2011 by students and the staff of the Potomac Job Corps Center.

DeAnthony Cummings came to the Job Corps Program on April 8, 2008 with his High School Diploma, some college experience, and a profound determination to accomplish more for his life. He started his journey with the Cincinnati Job Corps Center where he took the Business Administration Trade and became a full trade completer in October of 2009. While at the Cincinnati Job Corps Center, DeAnthony served as a Dorm Leader, Recreation Aid, and Student Ambassador and then was elected as student President, and served two terms with the Student Government Association (SGA).

“I learned the importance of service and the positive impact that you can make in such a role if you have the right motives”, said DeAnthony. “I built relationships with staff and students that were priceless, and I still stay in touch with most of them today”. 

When completing the Cincinnati Job Corps Center, DeAnthony had the option to either attend Community College in Cincinnati, Ohio or pursue the advanced training program with the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) in Washington, DC. After much consideration he decided to come to the Potomac Job Corps Center and attend the TCU Program.

Upon enrolling in the TCU Program, DeAnthony found himself being challenged and was then given the opportunity to realize his true academic potentials and evaluate where he stood as a trade completer. The TCU Program was instrumental in providing DeAnthony the job readiness skills needed. He soon mastered his interviewing and administrative skills.

“Many days I would stay after class to get clarity on assignments as I saw fit. I was willing to work as hard and long as needed to get the job done”.

DeAnthony received multiple certificates from his TCU training including the 46 wpm, Excel Spreadsheet, Amtrak, Financial Record Keeping, Alpha & Numeric Filing, Office Communications, Business Mathematics and Transportation I & II. 

While at the Potomac Job Corps Center, DeAnthony continued with his passion of supporting others in training and served as the SGA President for over seven months at the Center as well.

 “I worked very closely with the staff and students to do my part in being a positive role model and to compel the students to be a part of working towards positive improvements throughout the center”, said DeAnthony.

DeAnthony was one of several students chosen to represent the center on multiple occasions including the Labor & Employment Relations Association (LERA), a meeting held at Georgetown University, a Black Caucus Event hosted on Capitol Hill by the National Job Corps Association, and the Let’s Move Rally at the US Department of Labor (DOL) featuring the First Lady Michelle Obama as the keynote speaker.

DeAnthony came and completed TCU in just a little over a year before securing a job with the National Job Corps Association (NJCA). January 31, 2011 was DeAnthony’s first day as a full-time employee with full benefits and a fair wage.

“This is the dream come true”, said DeAnthony. “Since my first day in Job Corps in April of 2008, I decided to give my full determination and to make the best out of my experience with the Job Corps. Now, I came to a different role, where I can bring my input in paving the Job Corps success for many more young people to come”.

Soon after completing the Job Corps Program, DeAnthony plans to continue his education to pursue a degree in Political Science & Business Communications.

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