Potomac Job Corps Center Highlights Alumni

Potomac Job Corps Center Highlights Alumni

By: Barrington Tolliver

Before arriving to Potomac the graduate was training with another institution in the southern region of Mississippi. What led the graduate to Potomac was the ability to receive training in security. As a student Jessica was involved in being a D-2 dorm leader and she also was a student ambassador. She explained how she didn’t take her role as a leader lightly. Her goal was to always be better than she was the day before. The graduate was able to build on her skills and practice her training ability by becoming employed with Potomac Job Corps Center as a security and safety officer. She has completed her course work with Independence University in November 2020. Jessica will be graduating from her university on the honor roll. Job Corps prepared Jessica for the workforce by helping her with time management, building work ethics, and relationship building. She mentioned “working to build on all of those skills took polishing up on myself. I already had the necessary skills to become successful I just needed additional polishing to bring those skills out.” Life post job corps has improved. At first I was unsure of my capabilities. However, having the opportunity to work with people gave me the confidence to overcome a few obstacles. I have my driver’s license and I’m also able to connect with people. “Job Corps has given me the opportunity to stay focused and stay away from trouble and keep going no matter what!”

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