Potomac Job Corps Alumni Highlight

Potomac Job Corps Alumni Highlight

By Barrington Tolliver

Potomac Job Corps Center highlights another exceptional alumni by the name of Devonte Carter graduate of the 2019 class. He was already prepared to learn and become a leader at Potomac.
Former graduate Devonte Carter from the class of 2019 shared a few moments with the BCL to talk about his experience beyond job corps. The conversation with the alumni brought to light “why” job corps works. Before coming to Potomac Devonte worked in the restaurant business as a waiter. While working as a waiter he decided that his life couldn’t end up working in the restraint business for the rest of his life. So, he found out about job corps through a friend. He made the decision to attend PJCC after realizing that maybe he lacked the skills needed to become successful. The day when he entered the campus he felt the ambition to prove himself to the world and himself.
On center Devonte studied security and protective services to finally give himself a chance to win. The greatest gift was being able to train for security. Not only did he participate in security he also was a dorm leader and student ambassador. He ‘s currently taking time now to rethink his ability to engage in advanced college training. Potomac received Devonte after he completed training at the Carl D. Perkins.
He expressed that Potomac helped him transition into the workforce by listening, learning, dedication, understanding security, and getting his drivers license.

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