Learning and Growing goes hand in hand at the Potomac Job Corps Center
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Learning and Growing goes hand in hand at the Potomac Job Corps Center

Many people are realizing that global warming, pollution, preservatives, and even the food we eat can cause our bodies damage. Potomac Job Corps Center decided to fight this predicament by promoting healthy eating to students by growing and consuming fresh vegetables from the Center gardens.

 The 65 square feet garden was built by Bricklaying students in early April of this year, and wide assortments of vegetables were planted by the end of that month. Collin Bullock, the Bricklaying Instructor who administered this project made sure students planted a variety of vegetables, including potatoes, green and jalapeno peppers, squash, onions, cucumbers, cabbage and tomatoes.

 “Besides the healthy food benefits, tending the garden is a real stress buster, helping relieve feelings of anxiety and providing a break from the general rush of life”, said Bullock. “It also contributes to the physical health, and at the end of the day, you can feel a sense of accomplishment in a job well done”.

 By mid June, the Culinary Art students started to crop the vegetables and prepare fresh garden salads, appetizers and even the full course cuisine as healthy meal selections for students and staff of Potomac Job Corps Center. 

 “Ever wonder why God placed Adam and Eve in a garden?” Bullock said. “The reason is that gardening is good for you!”

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