La’ Potomac is Back Again for 2010!
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La’ Potomac is Back Again for 2010!

Thursday evening, November 17 2010, students of the Potomac Job Corps Center had the unforgettable opportunity to experience the fine dining indulgence during the La’ Potomac Thanksgiving Dinner.

As exquisite as it was exclusive, the La’ Potomac was an elegant dining experience that reflected the savory flavor of traditional DC devour into the fastidious Thanksgiving dining menu.

Besides the great food, and lovely ambiance, what really made this banquet so unique is the fact that the entire banquet operation was serviced by the Potomac staff, including the senior management and the Center Director’s office.

“It was quite apparent that the students enjoyed watching the Potomac staff run back and forth into the kitchen breaking a sweat and working hard to service near 500 students in a timely and manner able fashion”, said Julian Byrd, bricklaying student of the Potomac Job Corps Center.   

The student patrons’ only job at La’ Potomac was to fill their bellies with a delectable menu including the piles of Roasted and Fried Turkey, Baked Ham, Macaroni and Cheese, Collard greens, Corn Bread Stuffing, Candied Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Rice Pilaf and La’ Potomac’s own take on Champagne “Sparkling Cider”. Can you say…. yum!

Although the banquet took place at the large cafeteria ballroom where students eat their everyday meal, La’ Potomac’s arrival made a complete transformation of the room. La’ Potomac followed a strict dress code better described as “Come fly or Bye-Bye”. As students walked through the restaurant doors impeccably dressed, they were greeted and seated by hosts as the sounds of smooth jazz played softly in the background. The room was dimly lit with candles throughout, silverware rolled in fine linen and the Potomac staff waiting to bestow students every need.

“The goal of La’ Potomac was to celebrate the Holiday Spirit and to have students experience the enjoyable and amiable atmosphere of the premium dine out”, said Jeff Barton, the Center Director of the Potomac Job Corp Center.

By the look of delight in their faces and full stomachs shown throughout the room, the arrival of La’ Potomac Restaurant this Holiday season was greatly appreciated by the students. Measuring the success of La’ Potomac this Thanksgiving, next year’s return is already being anticipated.

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