Green Revival of the Potomac Job Corps Center
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Green Revival of the Potomac Job Corps Center

The ARRA funding created remarkable opportunities for Potomac Job Corps Center in Washington DC to enhance the ability to help young people and change lives. During the past 18 months Potomac Center received over $6 million of the ARRA funding allocated for the expansion and major improvement of 64 acres facility of the Center. Significant portion of the stimulus allocation was directed toward the construction of 32,000 square feet new vocational skills training complex, completion date of which is projected in early 2011. The Center also applied a portion of the ARRA funding for the pavement of the new roads, installation of the energy efficient windows in several building, and purchasing of new environment friendly equipment.

Besides the major construction development and Center enhancement, a portion of the ARRA funding has been also allocated to establish the new Advanced Career Technical Trade in Weatherization. The trade will offer new and exciting opportunities in weatherization and green construction to the students, and classes are scheduled to start in October of this year. 

From paving the roads and construction of new buildings to expanding the vocational training offerings, exciting opportunities for young men and women of Potomac Job Corps Center have been created by the support of ARRA funding.

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