PJCC Appreciation Ceremony for all Veterans on Veterans Day
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PJCC Appreciation Ceremony for all Veterans on Veterans Day

A special assembly to honor veterans took place in the gym at PJCC on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. The Leadership Academy opened the assembly by posting the American Flag. All stood while the National Anthem was played. Next came the posting of the colors for each branch of the service: Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force while each theme song was played.

Students and staff were asked to stand if they had a family member or friend who was serving or who had served in the military. The entire assembly stood!

A staff and Leadership Academy member read “What is a Soldier?” and explained the true definition as well as how to show respect for the flag during the morning raising of the colors on center.

Then each of 16 members of the PJCC family who served in the military (including a current and past student) was called forward to be recognized for their military service. Mark Douglas, Center Director, placed a medal around their necks and personally congratulated them. These were bronze medals with the American Flag on them. Everyone was asked that when they saw these staff during the course of the day to make an effort to thank them individually.

 The highlight of the program was the performance by the Leadership Academy. The drill team, consisting of 21 students and 1 staff, stepped forward and performed marching and command close drills. The rifle team of 8 (7 students and 1 staff) did the 15 count rifle and fancy shoulder drills. The 4 person silent drill team then performed drills based on sound rather than verbal commands. This was composed of marching and display of rifle drills at close and distant marching.

The ceremony concluded with a slide show recognizing the sacrifices made by all members of the military including their families.


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