Pittsburgh Student Poets Define Success
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Pittsburgh Student Poets Define Success

Pittsburgh Job Corps Center celebrated Student Success on August 30, 2011.  The following poems were written and read by students during the ceremony.

I Shall Succeed

By Tanisha Jean


 Succeeding is my only option

I will not let any situation stop me from reaching higher

My goals are glued in my head and lead me to be successful

Even when I am stressed, I won’t let it get my best

I want to be more than what I am now

I will look in the mirror and smile

And tell myself

I am a success


What Do You Know About Success?

By Courtney Wright


What is success?

How do you achieve this?

I haven’t seen one road sign

No one said it would be easy


But I’m getting there

I’m trying…

I keep pushing forward

I dream of flying!


I see it, I can feel it

Embody it and envision it

I’m thinking of a master plan

Thankful that I was even dealt a hand


Trying to go where no woman

Has gone before

I’m gonna be successful

I can feel it in my core


See those stars in the sky?

I got one just like it in my pocket

If success was the moon

I would just build a rocket!


Because I am determined to soar

I feel the yearning and I’m sure

That these are bigger plans in store

SUCCESS is what I’m aiming for!


Now the road to success

Consists of many tests

The test of time; the test of faith

The test of love; the test of hate

Success can take you through the motions

It can take you to the oceans

It can take you to the plains

Or the Hollywood Walk of Fame


But it’s not about where you are going:

It’s how you get there

Be sure to clean your fundamentals

Be respectful–and please share


Be considerate and consistent

Persevere and don’t quit

Because quitters never prosper

And cheaters…they never win!


So gather all your tools

It’s time to make your trip

SUCCESS is around the corner

So let’s all get it!

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