Pittsburgh Job Corps Becomes a “Fit Corps”
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Pittsburgh Job Corps Becomes a “Fit Corps”

The Pittsburgh Job Corps Center has been inspired to make changes to their center. Through many suggestions from the SO FINE (Student Opportunities for Fitness, Information, Nutrition and Exercise) committee, they are providing nutritional choices for students and staff. PJCC has successfully phased out soda (pop) in the cafeteria. The Pittsburgh JCC has replaced soda machines with juice machines. Also, 4 out of the 5 juices provided are 100% juice. The Pittsburgh JCC recently featured a guest dietitian to present assemblies to students on proper nutrition and making good food choices.
The Pittsburgh Jobs Corps Center has taken the HEALs program to the next level. They formed the ‘SO FINE’ Committee. They also have an ongoing walking campaign sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA). This walking campaign models the national Let’s Move Campaign. The staff participates in “ICOUNT: a nutrition and fitness program, which is sponsored by CSD(Career Systems Development).
The Pittsburgh menus have experienced a healthy makeover, too! The cafeteria includes healthier choices at every meal.  These choices will be indicated by the Fit Corps logo.  Desserts are now served only at dinner, and fresh fruit and yogurt are available as dessert options. Fresh fruit and whole grains are served at every meal. They even have a yogurt and granola bar for the breakfast meal.  Finally, the Pittsburgh JCC is working on improving evening snack options offered in the dorms.
Because of the many programs offered to students and staff at the Pittsburgh Job Corps, they now have a motto and a symbol.  They are now the “Fit Corps.”
With all these efforts, PJCC is hoping their student will make better food and exercise choices for life.

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