Pinellas County Job Corps Hosts Women’s Summit

Pinellas County Job Corps Hosts Women’s Summit

There was energy in the air at Pinellas County Job Corps today as female students on campus got to participate in a special Women’s Summit, with a goal to help these youth to understand and embrace their worth. This all-day event featured break-out sessions on topics ranging from skills to prepare them for the work force to essentials for a work life balance and the basics of being an adult. During a working lunch the students learned about proper etiquette for dining in a work environment or formal occasion. Two keynote speakers gave inspirational speeches.

The first, Sgt. First Class Eliana Tate shared her journey, starting as a nurse in her native country of Peru and also in Italy before joining the U.S. Army in 2011. Sgt. Tate has won numerous awards and told the students that a big reason for her success has been hard work and a determination to never give up. While in the Army, she switched to the I.T. field with more advanced training as her next goal. Sgt. Tate’s mantra begins with the word one. She told the students, “Every time you think it’s the last time you can do something, remember one. You can always do one more push-up, put one more pound of weight in your ruck sack. Give your best effort.”

The second keynote speaker was Stephanie Alcee, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist originally from NY, working in her field in Florida since 2004. Alcee’s message was intended to spread awareness about succeeding in a predominantly white, male field. Alcee shared that her position is the highest paid in the nursing profession. It takes hard work, a Bachelor’s Degree and a doctoral program. But the payoff is big, not only in terms of income but having a flexible lifestyle. Both women encouraged the trainees to push themselves to move forward to bright and successful futures.



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