Phoenix Job Corps SGA Busy Giving Back & Raising Money

Phoenix Job Corps SGA Busy Giving Back & Raising Money

The SGA (Student Government Association) is doing a lot of fun and great things!

“We’re doing fundraisers,” said Willie Washington, SGA Coordinator. 

“We have staff dress down day for $2 on Mondays. The $2 goes towards the student benefit fund. With the student benefit fund, SGA puts on events around the Center and what some students may not know is that they’re able to take loans from SGA. It has to get approved by the committee. We’re not saying we’ll give you big loans but you’ll be able to get something to get your necessities. — students obviously pay it back.”

Money raised by SGA is also used for field trips and even events on campus such as the one held a couple of months ago where there were food trucks, a DJ, and bouncy houses. 

The students are also doing a lot of volunteer work throughout the valley. They’ve worked at St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Vincent De Paul and a nearby church.

“Students love giving back,” said Washington. “Them being on SGA it gives them a sense of leadership which is leadership because SGA is the voice of the center.”

Volunteering can also lead to employment. “I inform a lot of students to put it on their resumes so when you go to some of these other companies you can show you were part of something that had a government structure because we do have executive presidents, we have presidents on each one of the dorm floors, we have a vice president for the non-resident students and a president for the residential students,” added Washington. 

“So it gives students the sense of organizational skills and gives them a part of something.”

By Business & Community Liaison Melody Birkett

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