Phoenix Job Corps Employer is Secure

Phoenix Job Corps Employer is Secure

Myron Davis from Davis Security has been hiring Phoenix Job Corps students for about 10 years, at a previous business and also at Cornerstone Security. Davis estimates he’s hired up to 50 students at all three businesses.

“With Cornerstone, we ran several different types of facilities,” said Davis, Owner and Director of Operations for Davis Security. “We ran distribution centers such as Kroger foods, Fry’s stores, 99-cent stores, Dollar Stores, a shopping center and Spectrum Mall.” When students go to work for him, they can be working at a variety of companies.

Davis has both part-time and full-time positions and pay starts at minimum wage for the first 30 days while on probation.

“Probation is very basic,” said Davis. “One, you can’t call off. You have to come to work everyday. You have to at least show the ability to understanding the job and performing the job and show an obvious intent to be there. If that happens, a 50-cent raise is given and it goes up from there.”

His best advice to students is to take the job seriously and understand that it’s not a classroom anymore. “It’s real work. Work requires sacrifice. Work requires a discipline. If you’re going to be successful, you have to start working on that while you’re in school.”

As Davis puts it, “this is not fun and games, not the 13th grade, it’s the beginning of your life. If you can’t do it at Job Corps you probably can’t do it out there in the work force.”

Davis adds it’s important to understand the principles that govern security: integrity, good character, discipline, focus. “Those traits will not only help you in your employment they’ll help you as a person, help you as an individual to grow, to develop your own personality and who you really are,” said Davis. “If you can come in our industry and practice those principles, you’re going to be a solid individual.”

He says Phoenix Job Corps has been a great partnership.

“I wouldn’t change anything,” said Davis. “I’m grateful for Ken Hollis and other outstanding employees. All of the folks working at the CTS department have been awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of creating real friendships at Phoenix Job Corps.”

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