Phoenix Job Corps Graduation 2018!

Phoenix Job Corps Graduation 2018!

About 75 students in their black cap and gowns attended the Phoenix Job Corps Commencement Ceremony. They walked to the front to receive their diploma as a crowd of family and friends looked on and cheered.

Elijah Peralta, 20, was one of them. He entered Phoenix Job Corps a year ago and graduated with a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) diploma.

“I’m going to apply for college and study to be an RN (Registered Nurse),” said Peralta. “I want to reach the highest which is a BSN (Bachelor Science in Nursing).”

He definitely recommends Phoenix Job Corps. “It’s an experience, a stepping stone.”

Robert Voiland, 19, enrolled in the CNA program at Phoenix Job Corps in April 2018. He still has a few months of classes left to take.

“I’m going to take a few months of OA (Office Administration) here at Phoenix Job Corps to get some certifications,” said Voiland. “So, when I go forward to Gateway Community College I’m better prepared in January.”

He plans to take advanced training for LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Once he’s done with that, he wants to get a job and a house.

His long-term goal is to work with Hospice patients because he wants to make the end-of-life experience as pleasant as he can for individuals.

Yaovi Afandonougbo, 19, is came to the United States from West Africa when he was a young boy. He has lived in Arizona for 1 ½ years.

He enrolled in Phoenix Job Corps in January 2017 and graduated with a diploma in Plastering.

He’s now attending Phoenix College and will continue to work at his job at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport as a Passenger Assistant.

“I want to be a French Teacher,” said Afandonougbo, which makes sense since he already speaks French.

“I’m talking to my teacher at Phoenix College about getting a job in plastering, too, so I can make some additional money.”

No doubt, his family is very proud of him.

“I recommend Phoenix Job Corps to anybody,” said Afandonougbo. Phoenix Job Corps helped me improve my English. A lot of doors have been opened for me.”

Joaquim Mora, 22, works as an intern in Security at Phoenix Job Corps and at CSC (Contemporary Service Corporations) Security.

He started training in security at Phoenix Job Corps in October 2017. He’s now enrolled in the Year-Up program, attending classes at Gateway Community College. His goal is to get a Master’s Degree in Business.

“I’m going to continue working in security while I’m getting my Master’s Degree,” said Mora. “Once I get my Master’s Degree I’ll pursue a business career.”

“My long-term goal is to not struggle the rest of my life like my parents did. I want to be able to be that person that everyone in the family depends on and is always there to help them. Not financially but spiritually. I want them to come to me for financial advice and advice in any way possible.”

Mora’s family all live in Northern Arizona but his mother was able to attend the graduation ceremony.

“I recommend Phoenix Job Corps because it’s not only a place to get your high school diploma but it’s definitely a place that can help you train yourself – not only psychologically but in communication,” said Mora. “With the way the labor force works it helps you get into everything. It’s a good program!”

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