Oneonta Job Corps Teams with NY State Police in Active Shooter Drill

Oneonta Job Corps Teams with NY State Police in Active Shooter Drill

At 9:30am, Thursday September 24, seven New York State Troopers, including New York State K-9 Trooper Milton, responded to the first of many planned Active Shooter drills at the Oneonta Job Corps Academy. The Toopers assembled in the front of the main building to meet with the Academy Director, Chris Kuhn and the Safety/Security Manager, George Snyder. “Safety is our Number One priority” says Mr. Snyder. The safety and security of the Oneonta Job Corps students and staff is vital to its everyday operation. “When staff and students feel safe, Job Corps provides a healthy working and learning environment,” said Snyder.

The operation was led Troopers Jered Porter and Kelly Snyder, along with the other five officers, split by groups to clear the multiple buildings that make up the Oneonta Job Corps Campus. Assigned staff followed each group of officers, taking detailed notes of the procedure and any recommendations made. Making their way down hallways, the officers cleared restrooms and any open doorways one at a time. Every door handle was checked for security. As they walked by, officers would knock on the locked classroom doors to see if anyone would open them or make any noise. “The students did great in my class,” says Senior Academic Instructor Amy Fleury; adding “They took it seriously and when someone attempted to open the door, they didn’t make a sound.” OJCA Safety/Security officers checked along the outside perimeter, looking through windows and checking exit doors.

The Active Shooter Drill lasted 45 minutes before the announcement was made for “All Clear.” Job Corps department heads and managers debriefed with the Troopers and discussed ways to improve on future Active Shooter drills.

“Our relationship with the New York State Police is essential and we greatly appreciate their efforts in assisting OJCA in maintaining a safe and secure environment,” said Kuhn. “The goal is to practice over and over until it’s as smooth and well known as our fire drills. Fast and efficient.”

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