Oneonta Job Corps Academy gets assistance from Northlands’ Urban Forestry program
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Oneonta Job Corps Academy gets assistance from Northlands’ Urban Forestry program

On April 18th, Mr. Jeremy Riemersma, Northland Job Corps’ Urban Forestry Program Manager, loaded two students, personal protective equipment for all three individuals, chainsaws, gas and oil for the saws and an overnight bags in a truck and made the four hour drive from Vergennes, Vermont to Oneonta, New York.

Once Mr. Riemersma and the two students arrived at Oneonta Job Corps Academy (OJCA), they briefly met with the Center Director and then they headed out to work. Mr. Riemersma and his two students made the trek to Oneonta to assist OJCA in clearing trees that were in the way of the Underground Residential Distribution trade, a Smart Grid Training advanced trade, having a level area to train. The level area to train on is important for the trade as the students will learn how to use a 20 ton backhoe, a dangerous task on uneven ground for inexperienced operators.

By the end of the day on April 19th, Mr. Riemersma and his two students cut down and limbed 34 trees at the OJCA, allowing the Underground Residential Distribution students the ability to train on the backhoe removing stumps and preparing the area to be leveled for instructional use.

Mr. Kuhn, Center Director at OJCA said, “We are very grateful for the Urban Forestry students and staff coming down and helping us clear the path for Smart Grid Training. They were able to do in two days what would have taken us two weeks.”

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