Old Dominion Job Corps Center Student tells why “O – D” is a important part of her life: Student were asked 7 questions. “O – D” got some very inspiring answers.
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Old Dominion Job Corps Center Student tells why “O – D” is a important part of her life: Student were asked 7 questions. “O – D” got some very inspiring answers.

My name is Cheyanne, I want to share my Story about being off center during COVID–19.
When COVID sent you home for an extended spring break, what were you most nervous about?
I was most nervous about continuing my school work, finding a job, and most importantly catching the virus.
Once Job Corps launched its virtual learning platform, what were you most excited out?
I was excited that I could be comfortable in my own home.
What kinds of challenges did you face as a result of COVID and being home?
I was facing, being afraid to go out in public. I was nervous I was going to catch COVID 19, but luckily I
didn’t. Also finding a job was very hard because nobody was hiring at the time.
How did Job Corps staff help you face those challenges?
The staff helped me a lot, by giving my so much motivation and talking to me every day and reminding me
to wear my mask and keep searching for a job. With the help of Mrs. Bell-Martin & Mrs. Weston I found
myself a great job.
Do you have a favorite teacher, instructor or counselor?
Yes, my favorite instructor is Mrs. Weston. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Bell-Martin. My second favorite
teacher is Mrs. Bryant My favorite counselor is Mrs. Horsley My favorite staff is Mr. Smith.
How did that favorite teacher, instructor or counselor help you?
I have 4 favorite staff that I enjoyed being around and comfortable talking with. To start off, Mrs. Weston was one of my favorites because she
pushed me to do better and learn that fitting in isn’t always the best choice. Just be yourself and do your job. Manners and respect will get you
a long ways in life. Don’t tolerate disrespect.
Mrs. Bell-Martin does everything she say she’ll do. She’s willing to help you only if you help yourself. You respect her and she’ll respect you
and help you in any possible way she can. She fights for what she’s believe in and tries her absolute best to get you on the right path by helping
you search for jobs and other things you need in life. She stands on the quote ‘Actions speak louder than words’.
Ms. Bryant helped me one on one with so much of my work. Even though I didn’t test out on the first time she helped me test out on the second
time. She also told me be careful who you hang around and don’t seek attention from the crowd. She also said no matter how old you are
always be willing to learn something new.
Ms. Horsley is definitely my favorite counselor. She got me out of trouble so many times. She had one on one conversations with me that uplifted
me and made me look at life differently. She also told me be myself and be careful who you fall in love with. She also said if I want something
in life go get it don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Set goals for yourself . Work hard now and relax later.
Mr. Smith is the best person you can go to at Old Dominion Job Corps. Hearing what he has to say will definitely make you feel some type of
way, good or bad it’s always a relief off your shoulders talking to him. He treats everyone the same. He gives everyone a motivation no matter
what time of the day.
What are you most hopeful about as 2021 begins?
I hope this virus clear up and everybody set a goal that they can manage to achieve in 2021. I believe this year will be full of abundant blessings
and productive days. I hope everyone take a day at a time and practice being safe. Also I hope everyone gets closer to God in their own
individual way.

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